ScootPad 2.0 Launched. Classroom Edition now available for teachers!

Milpitas, CA – Mar 06, 2012 – ScootPad today announced the launch of ScootPad 2.0 for teachers, parents and students!

“Thanks to over 200 teachers & parents who gave us real-world scenarios, valuable feedback and feature requests.” said Bharat Kumar, Co-Founder of ScootPad.

For Teachers (Newly Launched Classroom Edition): 
Setup classroom and student accounts including access to parents
Customize classroom proficiency & curriculum (tailor to your classroom)
Students can start practicing on ScootPad at school or from home
Real-time Teacher Dashboard and Progress Metrics/Reports
Schedule Improvement Practices for the entire classroom or to specific students
Setup personalized rewards to motivate students
Send messages to all/specific students and their parents
Leaderboard showing top 10 students from your class and across ScootPad
Save upto $10,000/year/classroom. Save time, money & trees! Learn More


For Parents (New Features & Improvements): 
 Customize proficiency settings in Math & Reading for kids
Enhanced progress graphs/reports with drill-down capability
Grant a secondary parent access to kid’s progress & practice alerts
Comprehensive progress report with below proficiency concepts highlighted
Change/promote kids to future units (skip units which are not relevant)
Enhanced dictionary with advanced & comprehensive spell checker
Compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Learn More


For Kids (New Features & Improvements): 
 Improved activity & friend feeds on dashboard
Significant performance improvement in dashboard, messages and friends pages
Inviting friends made easy. Print invitation letters and distribute to friends
Invitation letter for teachers to consider adopting ScootPad in the classroom
Enhanced practice results and preview pages with easy to search & print options


About ScootPad
Founded in 2011, ScootPad is building an advanced content delivery and engagement platform that enables deeply personalized and rapidly accelerated learning experience. For more information, visit

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