ScootPad raises the bar in student learning with an unprecedented 156% average Rate of Learning

Milpitas, CA – Jan 27, 2014 – ScootPad, a leading personalized learning platform, today announced that students on average are achieving an unprecedented 156% Rate Of Learning on ScootPad based on data collected during the first half of the 2013-2014 school year. ScootPad’s Rate of Learning algorithm collects and analyzes multiple real-time data points which measure how rapidly students are mastering the essential Common Core concepts.

ScootPad also announced today the TOP 10 schools on its leaderboard with the highest Rate of Learning in both Math and ELA/Reading. Creekside Elementary School from Hartland, Michigan ranked #1 in Math with a record 249% Rate Of Learning while St. Marks School from Colwich, Kansas ranked #1 in ELA/Reading with a record 362% Rate Of Learning. Learn more about the Top 10 schools on the leaderboard.

“We’re thrilled and encouraged by the data we see and the feedback we receive every single day! This strengthens our resolve and fuels our passion to explore new horizons.” said Bharat Kumar & Maya Gadde, ScootPad’s Co-Founders.

ScootPad is raising the rate of learning and student engagement to a whole new level! Highlights of the measurable impacts include 500,000+ hours of student learning, 2.6 million concepts mastered, 350,000+ hours of teacher time saved and 3,000+ trees saved. For more real-time metrics, visit:

“As a 1st through 8th Grade teacher with a Master’s Degree in Career and Technical Education, I am devoted to exploring the best modalities, especially computer-based programs, for instruction.  In my academically-diverse classroom, I needed an accessible platform for creating differentiated learning paths while ensuring my students are learning the Core Curriculum.  After seeing tremendously positive changes in my students because of ScootPad, I firmly believe that every classroom should be required to incorporate its use into the daily schedules.” said Ms. Kathleen Eldridge from Mt. Pleasant Renaissance School, WI.

“I’ve found success through setting goals for my students.  Most students definitely go above and beyond because they are thrilled to see their names on the leaderboards!  I love that I can differentiate learning by assigning personal learning paths for each student.” said Mrs. Liz Olrich, 4th Grade teacher from Beechnau Elementary, MI

“ScootPad makes learning fun for my students, while showing me their strengths and weaknesses (according to the Common Core Standards). This program has been the biggest bang for my buck in our classroom!” said Ms. Lauren Rowe, 1st grade teacher from Blossomwood Elementary School, AL.

About ScootPad

Founded in 2011, ScootPad is an advanced content delivery and engagement platform that enables deeply personalized and rapidly accelerated learning experience for each student. Since it’s launch in 2012, 29,000+ schools across 9,000+ districts have started using ScootPad (and growing rapidly by word-of-mouth). For more information, visit