Learnathon Challenges On ScootPad Help Drive Student Competition

San Jose, CA – March 9, 2015 –  ScootPad, a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8, announces the weekly learnathon challenges building from ScootPad’s success with the leaderboards. Learnathon challenges are a simple way to get students excited and motivated about learning.

ScootPad introduced the global learnathon as a platform for schools and districts to compete for a spot in the top 100. Each learnathon challenge runs weekly from Monday to Sunday propelled by the number of problems solved correctly by students. Winners celebrate their success every Monday morning with awards and spotlight on ScootPad. The very first learnathon winner at the district level was Huntsville City, taking the #1 spot for both Math and ELA, while the American School of Guatemala took the #1 spot in Math and Fort Gibson Elementary School took the #1 spot in ELA at the school level.

Working to contribute to leaderboards as an individual, classroom, and as a school, students will collaborate to achieve more. Within each school, students work hard and persevere as a team to see their classrooms win a spot in the top 3. Students will build their confidence and ability by rising in the ranks, while learning and mastering concepts the entire time.

“Learnathons are powered by our gamification engine designed to motivate students by making the learning process visual, competitive, and fun.” said Bharat Kumar, Co-founder of ScootPad. “We’ve created a non-stop learning environment where students thrive as individuals and as a team, ultimately resulting in more learning.”

About ScootPad
Founded in 2011, ScootPad is a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8. Delivering highly personalized and accelerated learning through adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization, and gamification, ScootPad has become a “go-to” platform for over 37,000+ schools across 9,000+ districts. With it’s comprehensive design, ScootPad has become a classroom staple, providing teachers and students with a full suite of features that are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information, visit www.scootpad.com.