Huntsville City Schools Finds Success With ScootPad and Extends License District-Wide

San Jose, CA – September 14, 2015 – ScootPad, a leading personalized learning platform, today announced that Huntsville City Schools renewed their ScootPad district-wide license for the 2015-2016 school year, enabling personalized learning for each and every student while preparing them for the high-stakes assessments.

Huntsville City Schools, one of the premier school districts in the state of Alabama serving over 23,000 students, started using ScootPad back in April 2014. Huntsville City District administrators were able to run usage and proficiency reports district-wide for 2014-2015 school year to ascertain measurable results and impact ScootPad has delivered.

“It has provided individual student driven instruction, which is what we wanted. I can assign 3rd, 5th, or 8th grade level work to my students because I have access to all of these. The entire class no longer has to be on one grade level. ScootPad also provides immediate feedback for both students and teachers opposed to waiting a week to get a test back. As a result, students can receive instruction immediately,” said Elena Lee, Math Coach at Huntsville City Schools. “Now, we can give pre and post tests to students to determine mastery and learning that has taken place. Reading, eBooks, Math, Spelling, Behavior Tracking are all on one dashboard – everything needed to manage student learning in one place. It’s not just a learning tool but also a behavior tool. Students always had something to do once given the Placement Test – there is no down time.”

“We are thrilled and excited to continue supporting Huntsville on their mission to personalize learning for every student. Additionally, for this new school year 2015-2016, we’re super excited about the availability of technology-enhanced assessments to better prepare all students and teachers for high-stakes assessments at Huntsville.” said Bharat Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of ScootPad.

Read the full case study: Huntsville City Schools Finds Success With ScootPad.

About ScootPad
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About Huntsville City Schools
The Huntsville City School System is one of the premier school districts in the state of Alabama. It has 64 Pre-K programs, 21 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 1 junior high, 7 high schools, 5 P-8 schools (2 of which are Magnet Schools:  Academy for Academics and Art and Academy for Science and Foreign Language) providing services for more than 23,000 students. Their goal is to provide graduates with the capacity to compete successfully and contribute responsibly to today’s society. For more information, visit