ScootPad Introduces 50 New Technology Enhanced Item Formats

San Jose, CA – November 2, 2015. ScootPad, a leading adaptive learning platform, today announced the availability of over 50 technology enhanced item (TEI) formats.

As Common Core assessment consortias such as SBAC and PARCC are aiming to be entirely computer-based, TEIs are becoming increasingly crucial in preparing students for summative online testing in the spring. Moving away from the traditional answer selection methods, TEIs allow students to simulate real-world interactions with information using technology. With TEI question formats, problems are more engaging, and comprehensive as they require students to interact and think more critically of the problem at hand.

ScootPad developed over 50 TEI question formats, including each and every unique format available in SBAC and PARCC assessments. Each question format is designed and tested to work seamlessly across any platform and device including laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, OSX, and Windows. These formats fall into several categories such as: multiple choice, cloze, classification, order, matching, highlight, label image, chart, number line, graph, and multipart. Online demos of these question formats are available here.

Authoring complex questions is made quick and easy with intuitive question editor UI and brief videos showing how to use each question format. Educators will have the flexibility to create questions and tag them under any grade, subject, and standard. Furthermore, questions can also be shared on ScootPad’s open content platform. The entire ScootPad community of educators can now share, rate/curate, and reuse content shared by others making it easy to assign the best content for their students.

“I LOVE the concept of assessments 2.0 and here’s why. I absolutely loved that I had an easy to use online format for assessments that I can create on my own,” says Ms. Lauren, a teacher from DeLong Elementary located in Tacoma, WA. “There are other options out there but my students are already used to ScootPad so having everything in one place was a #win for me! I appreciated that I can easily attach common core skills to my assessments and relate it back to our learning target.”

ScootPad is currently working on the open-ended performance task question format and plans to release it very soon.

About ScootPad
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