ScootPad releases new adaptive math facts feature

San Jose, CA – May 31, 2018 – ScootPad, a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8, today released the new adaptive math facts feature.

Math fact fluency is foundational for later mathematics education. Students are expected to master the speed and accuracy with simple calculations, so that they are able to understand and manipulate more complex functions in future. Unfortunately, many students continue to struggle with these core skills. Extending its adaptive learning capabilities, ScootPad designed this new adaptive fact fluency module to help students improve their speed and accuracy in the foundational math facts.

Using this new feature, teachers can place students on auto-pilot and let ScootPad adapt to each student while ensuring they are mastering each of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Teachers also have the ability to switch students to the “manual” mode so they can assign and manage each students’ practice rigor and sequence of the operations.

This new feature is now available to all users with an active license and doesn’t require any additional license or setup. To learn more, please read the blog post: New from ScootPad: Math Facts Module.

About ScootPad
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