ScootPad releases Pre-Built Benchmark Assessments for NWEA, PARCC, SBAC and 11 US State Standards

San Jose, CA – June 11, 2018 – ScootPad, a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8, today announced the availability of pre-built benchmark assessments for Common Core and 11 US State EOY tests including NWEA Map Growth, PARCC, SBAC and more.

Benchmark assessments are administered at key points in the year and are designed to assess student mastery of the taught curriculum over the given time period. Typically, benchmark assessments are not available for preview or practice ahead of administering the real assessment at the specified time during the year.

ScootPad developed the pre-built benchmark assessments with 100% alignment to the blueprints of the respective assessments to mirror or “simulate” the actual benchmark assessment – which helps students practice and prepare for the real tests while offering teachers and administrators valuable data and insights about student performance.

Following benchmark assessments are now available on ScootPad:

  • Common Core Benchmark Assessments: SBAC, PARCC, CAASPP/CA, GMAS/GA, North Carolina EOY, Ohio State Tests, New York State Tests
  • Virginia Benchmark Assessments: Virginia SOL Tests
  • Florida Benchmark Assessments: FSA Tests
  • NWEA Benchmark Assessments: MAP Growth tests for Common Core, Indiana, Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, New Jersey and Florida

These new benchmark assessments offer the following benefits:

  • Preparing students with a mock test and practice items similar to those given in the real assessments.
  • Immediate insights at the student, standard, and question level allowing teachers to easily adjust their instruction to ensure no standard is left unaddressed.
  • Measure longitudinal growth overall, growth by standard, and growth by student

These new benchmark assessments are now available to all users with an active license and don’t require any additional license or setup. To learn more, please read the blog post: New from ScootPad: Pre-Built Benchmark Assessments.

About ScootPad
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