ScootPad’s New Data-Powered Intelligent Platform Dramatically Improves Student Learning

San Jose, CA – October 1, 2018. ScootPad unveiled the latest release of its Data-Powered Intelligent Adaptive Learning Platform offering powerful new capabilities to automate the delivery of a superior real-time and personalized learning experience for every student.

“Our mission is very simple i.e. to help every student reach their full potential. To achieve this vision, we’ve created an intelligent platform fueled with data and equipped with tutor-like reasoning powers to deliver an unparalleled personalized learning experience to every student.” said Bharat Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of ScootPad. “Our new Data-powered algorithms enable new levels of prediction and automation capabilities to achieve dramatically improved outcomes and learning experiences like never before. Furthermore, our self-learning platform gets more intelligent over time as it learns from new data from more students on the platform.

ScootPad’s adaptive learning platform offers an unparalleled depth and breadth of intelligence, making it the most mature and comprehensive platform on the market, to deliver an unprecedented and impactful learning experience to every student. New intelligence and self-learning capabilities of the platform include:

Cognitive Intelligence: Research-backed strategies from cognitive science were painstakingly implemented on our platform to transform how knowledge is processed, retained and recalled to enable deep, long-lasting learning. Key techniques powering cognitive intelligence include: Knowledge Segmentation, Dual Coding, Making Learning Last and Growth Mindset and Motivation. Learn More

Learning Intelligence: Designed to maximize learning outcomes, our platform combines the power of mastery-based methods with proven spiral and spaced learning strategies to ensure each student can truly and effectively master the curriculum. Key techniques powering learning intelligence include: Interleaving, Spacing, Scaffolding, Retrieval Practice, Mastery Learning, Personalized System of Instruction, Advanced IRT and Technology-Enhanced Items. Learn More

Data Intelligence: Harnessing the power of data and building new models of predictions help us improve the overall adaptivity on the platform – all focused on the singular vision to maximize learning outcomes for every student at scale. Key techniques powering data intelligence include: Knowledge Map, Concept DNA, Student Learning DNA and Content DNA. Learn More

Adaptive Self-Learning Engine: Fueled with data-driven insights and equipped with tutor-like reasoning powers, our intelligent adaptive engine helps realize our vision of delivering an unparalleled personalized learning experience to every student at scale. Key capabilities powering our adaptive engine include: Continuous Adaptivity and Self-Learning. Learn More

The new Data-Powered Intelligent Adaptive Learning capabilities are seamlessly available to all users of ScootPad and SimplyAdaptive. To learn more, please visit the Platform Overview page online.

About ScootPad
Founded in 2011, ScootPad is a leading adaptive learning platform for grades K-8. Delivering highly personalized and accelerated learning through adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization, and gamification, ScootPad has become a “go-to” platform for 40,000+ schools across 9,000+ districts. With its comprehensive design, ScootPad has become a classroom staple, providing teachers and students with a full suite of features that are accessible anywhere, any time, on any device. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ScootPad.