ScootPad releases 1,000+ learning paths aligned to standards and popular textbooks

San Jose, CA – Mar 4, 2019 – ScootPad, the most personalized K-8 mastery platform in the world, released 1,000+ standards and textbook aligned adaptive learning paths today.

ScootPad has been working with many districts and schools across the 50 states in developing and publishing adaptive curriculum (learning paths) that align to the various common core or state standards and also to popular textbooks which teachers use in their classrooms.

With the goal to make this adaptive curriculum freely available to all teachers, schools and districts, ScootPad has undertaken an effort to design and publish over 1,000 learning paths with full alignment to the following standards and textbooks:

  • 9 grade levels (K-8) and 2 subjects (Math and ELA)
  • 15 standards including Common Core, 13 State Standards – FL, GA, IN, LA, MN, MO, NE, NJ, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and the England National Curriculum
  • 15 popular textbooks including EurekaMath, MGH Wonders ELA, EngageNY, MGH MyMath, GO Math! 2015, enVisionMath 2.0 2016, enVisionMath 2011, GO Math! 2011, Big Ideas Math 2014, Glencoe Math 2015, Go Math! California, CPM Math and GO Math! Texas
  • NWEA Map Growth Curriculum (Fall, Winter and Spring) for all 15 standards across all 9 grade levels and 2 subjects (Math and ELA)

With access to this newly released comprehensive curriculum including 1,000+ new learning paths, teachers and administrators from any district or state can easily find ready-made learning paths aligned to their standards and textbooks. In no more than 2 clicks, they can get their students started on their respective adaptive learning paths and moving towards mastery in each concept being covered in their classrooms.

This comprehensive curriculum including all 1,000+ learning paths is now available to all users for FREE. Simply setup a new classroom and choose your new learning paths or from your existing classrooms change your students’ learning paths.

For more information about these new learning paths or to explore any of the learning paths, visit our curriculum page online at

About ScootPad
ScootPad is the world’s most powerful personalized mastery platform built on proven learning science research and data-driven intelligence to deliver continuously adaptive enrichment, automatic remediation and personalized mastery for every student. Our curriculum offers 1,000+ standards-aligned and textbook-mapped adaptive learning paths in Math and ELA for Grades K-8. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ScootPad.