Learning Explorer Acquires the Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning Platform

ScootPad is Back!

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., February 2, 2023 ― Learning Explorer, Inc., provider of the Learning Explorer® lesson-building and student engagement platform, today announced that it has acquired the Mosaic™ by ACT® Adaptive Academic Learning (AAL) platform from ACT, a longtime leader in college and career-readiness solutions.

The acquisition enables Learning Explorer to deepen its focus on student engagement and personalized learning and allows educators to meet students’ individual needs with an instructional approach that combines pre-built and configurable adaptive learning paths, targeted practice based on concepts in the learning paths, mastery-based assessments, and an extensive library of standards-aligned educational content.

ACT and Learning Explorer have worked together since 2019, when Learning Explorer began offering another ACT product, the Mosaic by ACT Digital Learning Library, as one of the educational content sources in its lesson-building and student engagement platform.
The AAL platform, formerly known as ScootPad™, provides teachers with information they can use to guide student progress toward mastery of academic skills. The platform automatically detects knowledge gaps in real-time to help each student focus on exactly what they need to move ahead with the right level of instruction, practice, measurement, and remediation. Data are accessed through a user-friendly dashboard and leveraged to inform teaching and learning.

The AAL platform, which incorporates 10 research-based learning tools and is certified for Research-Based Design by Digital Promise, includes two solutions:

  • An adaptive learning and assessment solution for kindergarten through grade 8 math and English language arts, primarily adopted by schools and districts; and
  • An adaptive learning application for kindergarten through grade 5 math and English language arts, used primarily by parents and individual teachers.

The adaptive solutions were originally offered by the ScootPad learning company based in San Jose, Calif., and were known then as “ScootPad,” and “SimplyAdaptive,” respectively. Learning Explorer will be using the “ScootPad” and “SimplyAdaptive” brands, going forward.

With this acquisition, Learning Explorer has also acquired ACT’s Aspire® Periodic Assessments in English language arts, science, and math, for students in grades 3 through 10. Educators have used the AAL platform to administer the Aspire® Periodic Assessments to students.

Said Mark Rankovic, President and CEO at Learning Explorer, “We’re excited to provide continuity and ultimately expansion of the AAL platform, which we are now calling “ScootPad,” for the schools and districts who’ve relied on this adaptive platform as a pillar of their instructional programs, as well as newcomers to the solution. The need for adaptive learning is stronger than ever, with educators struggling to balance a shortage of qualified teachers with the need for differentiated learning strategies to address a pervasive decline in student mastery. The pandemic has exacerbated these challenges and one-size-fits-all instructional programs are no longer an option in most classrooms.”

Teaching and Learning leaders can find out more by contacting us at ScootPad@LearningExplorer.com.

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